Nerdlocker Movie Review – Hellraiser: Revelations

I went into this film not expecting much; from what I had seen in the trailer it looked like a cheap sequel to a cult classic. In the trailer, we see Stephen Craven (played by Nick Eversman) and Nico Bradley (played by Jay Gillespie) heading down to Mexico for a road trip. But during the […]Read More

Nerdlocker Movie Review – Nova Zembla

Nova Zembla, the first Dutch film to be shot in 3D, tells the story of the daring expedition to establish a northern sea route from Western Europe to Asia, by sailing east through the Arctic waters above Russia. The year is 1596, and the Dutch Republic is at war with the Spanish Empire. Conventional trade […]Read More

Nerdlocker Movie Review – My Week with Marilyn!

My Week With Marilyn tells the story of future filmmaker Colin Clark, a young, and rather naive new face in the film industry, who gets his start working as the third assistant director on Sir Laurence Olivier’s film, The Sleeping Prince. The big excitement around the set, of course, is the arrival of the main actress: […]Read More

Nerdlocker Movie Review – London Boulevard!

If you haven’t heard about London Boulevard, it’s about an ex-con (Mitchell) who gets out of prison and is promptly asked by his mate Billy to join his firm. Mitchell decides to reject the offer and he takes up a job as a bodyguard for a reclusive actress. The firm leader won’t let him get […]Read More

Rainbolt Report – Mondo Giving Old Films New Life

Mondo – Giving Old Films New Life – AIGA Q & A with Justin Ishmael and Rob Jones of Mondo Article by – Bryan Henderson Pictures by – Rainbolt Mondo South Lamar was in a stark change of state from how it was just a few weeks before during Fantastic Fest; only about a dozen […]Read More

Anonymous Movie Review

How does one really write a review of a movie she neither loved nor hated? I have to be honest, I’ve been putting off this review because I have such lukewarm feelings towards Anonymous. But in the interest of putting pen to paper, I suppose I’ll start with a brief synopsis. In this fictionalized view […]Read More

Warrior Movie Review!

There’s few ways easier to lose my attention during a movie discussion/debate than to employ the phrase, “Well, Rotten Tomatoes gave it a ____% ‘Fresh’ rating.” Seriously, Skolnick?! You’re going to rest your argument on the quasi-scientific methodology of basement-bombers abound to take on the one and only Spartan?! To quote Ochocinco . . . […]Read More

Three Webcomics Guaranteed to Improve Your Sex Life

‘Sup, nerds. We feature A LOT of comics here on Nerdlocker, because comics are the shizzle. But after running some experiments with the Nerdlocker Data Parsing Searchtronic 4000 (the white rectangle at the top right), we realized that we’ve sorely neglected one of the most insanely unpredictable, fearlessly risk-taking and occasionally brilliant forms of sequential […]Read More

How the Stallone Taught Us All to be Men!

(Sorry, Nerd-ettes . . . but this one’s for the dudes.) One of the true spoils of being a pop culture junkie is having the ability to insulate one’s self from the turmoil that frequently consumes the world we live in. A downward economy, wars on three fronts, and the cost of bread escalating to […]Read More

Our Idiot Brother Movie Review

Nerds the world over already realize that dissecting weekend box office grosses is no wise method to restoring faith in humanity, and this weekend was no different. Three new wide-releases did little to rally a lowly turn-out at the box office. However, one of these films deserves our attention. Distributed by The Weinstein Company, Our Idiot […]Read More

Spartan’s World – How Jonah Hill is Ruining His Career

Per my usual Sunday morning ritual, this week I found myself at the local AMC for a pre-noon matinee. This week’s film of choice was 30 Minutes or Less starring Jesse Eisenberg, Aziz Ansari, and Kenny Powers himself, the one and only Danny McBride. While I highly recommend the movie for its series of surefire […]Read More

Captain America: First Avenger Theatrical Trailer In HD!

Well here it is, the theatrical trailer for Captain America: First Avenger! This looks like an absolutely wonderful action flick and as far I can tell, pretty true to the source material (minus Nazis.) Quit reading this blurb, watch the trailer already and then leave us a comment telling us what you think about it!Read More

Travis Barker ft. Kid Cudi – Cool Head

Here it is, the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Pop punk drummer extraordinaire and the Moon Man himself have teamed up for a guitar laden jam, Cool Head. This is probably what Wizard will sound like so soak it all in. Personally, I kind of dig it!Read More